Ira Scot Silverstein, PLLC

Ira Scot Silverstein, Esq.

Florida Bar No. 0009636.

Ira has over 20 years’ experience litigating real estate and family law matters. Ira has worked at foreclosure firms handling their contested litigation matters on behalf of the largest lenders in the world. During his tenure at these firms, Ira has garnered significant knowledge and experience in all aspects of the foreclosure practice. Most significantly, Ira has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with core litigation issues which other foreclosure firms choose not to handle and farm out. Additionally, Ira possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding bankruptcy issues and title claims’ litigation.


Ira has spent a significant amount of his career working at firms which were volume dependent.  While working at these firms, Ira was able to develop excellent time management skills and processes to ensure compliance with all deadlines.


Ira is well equipped to aggressively challenge foreclosure defense attorneys who seek to delay proceedings with frivolous defenses. Further, Ira has developed strategies which have resulted in positive results for his clients when faced with the more aggressive foreclosure defense firms. In addition to foreclosure litigation, Ira has extensive experience handling other types of real estate litigation.


Ira has received both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approvals with a few of his clients.  Ira is extremely proud to have accomplished this great milestone.


Ira started off his career litigating family law cases.  During his career, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in these matters.  Ira takes the time to know his clients and develops a personalized course of representation for each individual to ensure that the client’s interests are protected, the client feels at ease with the process, and the client is pleased with the results.


Ira lead the foreclosure, litigation, and family law divisions and actively prosecutes foreclosure those matters on behalf of the Firm’s clients.  Ira also assists with bankruptcy referrals.



Robert Dunn, Esq.

Florida Bar No.  100709.  Associate Attorney.

Robert brings with him the benefit of maturity as well as a keen legal mind.  He previously worked at a large foreclosure firm and has experience with the complete foreclosure process.  As an attorney, he has the unique advantage of knowing how to navigate the foreclosure process.



Jodi Sandak

Operations Manager.

Jodi has over 20 years’ experience as a paralegal with both an accounting degree and is a certified paralegal.  The combination makes Jodi the perfect administrator for the Firm.  She has significant experience working in the foreclosure industry and has implemented processes to make the Firm efficient and profitable.



Colbi Mitchell

Lead Paralegal.

Colbi has been a foreclosure paralegal for over 5 years and has extensive knowledge of the entire foreclosure process.  Colbi is adept at working with the staff to ensure compliance with timeframes, and completion of work in a timely fashion.  Diligent, organized, and eager to ensure the work is done right the first time, Colbi is the center of the Firm’s support staff.



Alexis Pacheco

Foreclosure Legal Assistant.

She has been working in the legal field for 3 years.  She is a degreed paralegal and is working towards becoming a certified paralegal.  Alexis oversees files from referral until completion of service.



Randi Berkman

Litigation Legal Assistant.

Randi has over 20 years’ experience in the foreclosure industry.  Her knowledge of the foreclosure process is unparalleled.  Her ability to organize, and ensure swift work flow is unparalleled in the industry.  Randi  brings her skills, her intelligence, and her diligent work ethic to this office and augments the Firm’s ability to provide exceptional legal representation and customer service.




2900 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 6

Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33309


Phone: 954-773-9911

Fax: 954-369-5034


2900 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 6

Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33309


Phone: 954-773-9911

Fax: 954-369-5034


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